Demo 2017

by Target Lock

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Target Lock is...........
Seth Salih - Vocals
Dan Bulford - Guitar
Matt Darby - Bass
Jamie Harris - Drums

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released February 9, 2017

Recorded by James Atkinson and Stephen Murphy
Mixed and mastered by James Atkinson
Artwork by Sonny Day



all rights reserved


Target Lock London, UK

Unstoppable Force

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Track Name: Straight Off The Streets
We don't want you
We don't need you
We want you out
We want you gone

Straight off the streets
We're stamping you out
Straight off the streets you fucking scumbags

Everywhere I fucking look
People reading fucking lies
Blaming others for the times
Parasites poisoning minds
Who's to blame for hate crime?
The people writing those lines
Yet no one bats a fucking eye
Your time is now so realise

Straight off the streets
We're stamping you out
Straight off the streets
We're bringing it down
Straight of the streets
We're stamping you out
You fucking scumbag

Stamp you out
We want you straight off the fucking streets
Track Name: Violent Bastard
Violent bastard
Not your son
Can't forget what you done
Hold me down
Watch me bleed
As you're beating the man into me

You fucking disease
Track Name: Left To Rot
We're not going out without a fucking fight
You've pushed us too far
Now there's no going back this time
We've had enough
Now we're taking a stand
Now we're taking the law into our own fucking hands

Bled dry
Left to die
Double crossed
Left to rot

Set astray
Pushed aside
Double crossed
Left to rot

Chewed up
Spat out
Double crossed
left to rot

In the dark
All is lost
Double crossed
Left to rot

You won't be fucking missed
Track Name: No Good
You're not who you say you are
You fucking degenerate

Turn your back and walk away
Get out my sight

Sick of talk and sick of you
It's all no use

Keep you in the fucking dark
Because you ain't no good

Now the jokes on you!
Track Name: Lowlife
Low life

Nothing here for me
Nothing here at all
Not for me
I'm up against the wall

Low life

Sick of taking abuse
Watching my every move
Working me to the bone
You've got a nerve
Wait till we get you on your own
Track Name: Wasting Away
Wasting away

Wasting away
We're all just wasting away

No life
No choice
No hope
No voice

Wasting away

One way
Your way
Your rules
Our game

Wasting away
It's you who made us this way

I can't take it
When will it end?

No life
No choice
No hope
No voice

Wasting away
We're all jus wasting away